With honor and thanks to God, we pay our humble respect to Mr. Basil A. Nwachukwu, father to the President, Lawrence I. Nwachukwu, P.E.  The late Mr. Basil A. Nwachukwu was the founder and CEO of Basilico Builders LTD.  Mr. Basil A. Nwachukwu articulated the word “Basilico” from his name “Basil”, his first son’s name “Lawrence”, his son’s middle initial "I" and the word "Co" for Company. "BASI-LI-CO" = BASILICO. The name of his grandson is also Basil, a tribute to him. wpe4.jpg (5276 bytes)

Mr. B.A. Nwachukwu was not only a pioneer and a successful businessman, he was also a philanthropist during his time.  He not only granted scholarships to aspiring students but also, reinvested in the community as a whole. 

Mr. Nwachukwu believes in having a strong and united family as well as teaching his children necessary corporate skills.  He also believed in a diversified and united world, partnering with many indigenous and foreign firms especially the Italian-born, Michelletti & Son to quickly emerge as a leader in the building industry.

Mr. B.A. Nwachukwu’s firm with a staff strength of over 100 people at a point built hospitals, offices, residential and public housing units, schools, commercial and industrial complexes, roads, highways, and bridges.