Officers and Consultants


The Basilico Engineering, Inc. has assembled a team of highly skilled, talented and experienced professionals of diverse backgrounds.  This team consists of environmental engineers, civil engineers, geotechnical engineers, structural engineers, land surveyors, an attorney, an information technology specialist, and other administrative staff.  This team is committed to the success of any project form its commencement to its full completion.  Members were selected on the basis of demonstrated leadership skills, proven expertise in their respective areas and experience in similar projects. 

The Basilico Engineering team will provide excellent designs for the clients by adhering strictly to acceptable and prevailing design standards.  Our team presses toward creativity and innovation in all of our projects. Our team is sensitive and savvy of environmental issues, sociopolitical concerns, structural limitations as well as aesthetic constraints. Our team is also proactive in the identification and proposition of resolution of any such potential problems.  We plan for resolution of problems before they arise by maintaining a proactive approach.  


Project Director/Project Manager (Lawrence I. Nwachukwu, P.E.)  

Experience and Qualifications

Mr. Lawrence I. Nwachukwu is the President of Basilico Engineering Incorporated. In this capacity, Mr. Nwachukwu is the Principal as well as the Chief Contractual Officer. He outlines the short and long-time strategic plans, develops business and marketing strategies, and approves financial and budgeting plans. 



Mr. Nwachukwu has about 20 years of engineering experience, which includes ten years of cumulative experience with notable private firms and outstanding public agencies such as the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District (MSD) and Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT. While at MSD, he worked within the Engineering Department for about 8 years and designed many sanitary sewer and storm water conveyance projects. He also performed engineering and technical reviews and management of several wastewater plant studies, improvements, and designs.  Mr. Nwachukwu has also worked for some very large consulting engineering firms such as Woodward-Clyde (now part of URS Corporation), Woolpert LLP, and Professional Service Industries in their environmental, geotechnical, and material testing divisions.  Mr. Lawrence I. Nwachukwu is a licensed professional engineer in the state of Missouri and Illinois. 

Mr. Lawrence I. Nwachukwu, P.E. has vast experience in project planning, project studies, project management, project engineering, and technical reviews of various engineering projects. While employed within the public sector, Mr. Nwachukwu’s responsibilities included supervision of consulting firms, coordination with Federal, State, and Local agencies as well as development of project plans, specifications, and cost estimates. He also has a strong background in geotechnical improvements, analysis, and recommendations and experience in construction management in the transportation area.


Deputy Project Manager (C. Peter Okafor, P.E.)

Mr. C. Peter Okafor is the Deputy Project Manager at Basilico Engineering, Inc., and leads all project activities in the absence of the Project Manager.  He will assume all responsibilities and authority of the Project Manager in the president's absence.  Mr. Okafor has a very strong background in the design of preparing storm-water pollution prevention plans, spill prevention, and evaluation of hazardous waste materials, storm sewer and comprehensive storm-water management, and municipal master-plan development.  He also has an extensive background in the design of street improvements, pavement assessment as well as airport design including grading, drainage, and utility relocations with such facilities. Mr. Okafor  is familiar with HEC II & I / HEC-RAS, HEC-HMS, Eagle-point, and many other design programs. He is very knowledgeable in CADD (AutoCAD and MICRO-STATION).

Legal Adviser/Associate (Darryl F. Jackson, J.D.\MBA) 

Mr. Jackson has had various experiences in the business and finance sector, and has over the course of the past six years received ample legal education and training. He received a Bachelor of Science degree, from the University of Missouri, Columbia, an M.B.A. degree in Finance & Marketing from St. Louis University, as well as a Juris Doctorate in 1989 and 1999 respectively. He has researched and written a number of legal opinions for Administrative Law Judges, and has had experience reviewing business contracts and anti-trust documents. He is proficient in the use of legal research tools and software such as West-Law and Lexis Nexus. His legal experience also spans the areas of litigation, telecommunications, as well as Financial Services Arbitration.  Mr. Jackson is a U.S. Air Force Veteran, decorated with a Commendation Medal for distinguished service.


Systems Consultant (Mr. N. Onwuzulu), BS (IM), MA (LIS), MIEEE

Mr. N. Onwuzulu consults with Basilico Engineering on all aspects of Information Technology & Telecommunications requirements, and helps the company identify new and emerging technologies for possible implementation. He is involved in User-Interface design and custom application development for our firm.  Mr. N. Onwuzulu has had some twenty years experience in the information industry particularly in the Analysis, Design, Implementation, & Support of Information Systems. He has had an extensive background in IT Project Management, as well as in the use of several cross-functional & multi-disciplinary software packages.  He is also familiar with the user interface of some hydraulic modeling software such as XP-SWMM 2000, and HEC-RAS, as well as with AUTOCAD Release 14 which he uses for 2-D Drafting.



Structural/Civil Engineer (Ms. N. C. Onye)

Ms. Ngozi C. Onye is a Structural/Civil Engineer at Basilico Engineering, Inc.  She has over 14 years experience with structural designs of highways, bridges, retaining walls, parking lots, foundations, piers/abutments as well as commercial and residential buildings.  Ms. Onye is also familiar with project management, contract management, cost analysis, preparation of plans, specifications, and cost estimates. She has extensive experience in the use of other engineering software such as AutoCAD, MICRO-STATION, and Structural Design software.

Civil Engineer (Eric B. Blue)

Mr. Eric B. Blue is a Civil Engineer at Basilico Engineering, Inc. He is involved in field inspections at various construction sites. He is also involved in the design of storm, sanitary, and wastewater related projects. Mr. Blue also performs geotechnical assignments such as: data sampling, analysis and field report. He has an extensive background in hydraulic modeling and analysis using XP-SWMM, HYDRAFLOW and HEC. He also has relevant experience in the use of other engineering software such as AutoCAD, MICRO-STATION, and Structural Design software. 




QA/QC & Hydraulic Reviewers (Mr. Lawrence I. Nwachukwu, P.E. & Mr. C. Peter Okafor, P.E.)

Mr. C. Peter Okafor, P.E. is the Deputy Project Manager for Basilico Engineering, Inc. He acts as the hydraulic reviewer and  QA/QC specialist.  Mr. Okafor has an extensive background with HEC II & I/HEC-RAS, HEC-HMS, Eagle-point, AUTOCAD, and MICROSTATION.  Mr. Lawrence I. Nwachukwu, P.E. who is the Project Manager also performs final review as well as QA/QC.  Mr. Nwachukwu has an extensive background with XP-SWMM, Hydraflow Storm Sewer, HEC, AUTOCAD, and Basilico Engineering in-house design program management software (BEI-PROMANG).